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Martvili Canyon and Dadiani Palace Day Trip

The main destination town of Martvili is located to the west of Kutaisi City. Alongside the road, you can see charming villages with beautiful alleys and yards. After 2 hours of driving, you will enter the Canyon's visitor center. Travelers are offered of a boat trip through a Canyon and a pass to the amazing waterfalls. XIX century water mill is one the interesting sightseeing. The colors of the canyon are amazing, as the light intensity changes regularly while passing a gorge. After 1.5 hours of joy and extreme, the driver will head to Martvili Monastery. It sits upon the highest hill in the area, and offers spectacular views and historical facts.
In early 1848 the prince of Samegrelo, David Dadiani, used to show his guests the archaeological and numismatic collection from Nokalakevi, an archaeological site in Samegrelo. Some of the exhibits were found by David Dadiani himself, and some were purchased by him from settlers in his domain. The most important archaeological dig by David Dadiani was the research of Nokalakevi – known as Archeopolis in Antiquity. Dadiani Palace is one of the castle made by Dadiani Ancestral.


Price Includes: All Transfers per itinerary.

Available Options: Hiking, Camping, wine tasting, Rafting.
Must to taste: Khinkali, Churchkhela, Khachapuri, Elarji, Suluguni.

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Route length: 680 Km
Trip duration: 09:40 Hr
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