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Day Trip in Kutaisi

Kutaisi is the 3rd most populous city in Georgia, traditionally, second in importance, after the capital city of Tbilisi. Situated 221 kilometres (137 miles) west of Tbilisi, on the Rioni River, it is the capital of the western region of Imereti. Historically one of the major cities of Georgia, it served as the capital of the Kingdom of Georgia in the Middle Ages, and later as the capital of the Kingdom of Imereti.
Kutaisi was a major industrial center before Georgia's independence in 1991. Independence was followed by the economic collapse of the country, and, as a result, many inhabitants of Kutaisi have had to work abroad. Small-scale trade prevails among the rest of the population.
The Sataplia Nature Reserve was founded more than 75 years ago, several years ago it was seriously updated and is now actively advertised. The three main attractions of the reserve are the pavilion with preserved dinosaur tracks, a karst cave and a glass balcony - an observation deck on the top of Satapli Mountain (the highest point of the reserve). Traces of dinosaurs were found in the 30s of the XX century by one of the inhabitants of the surrounding villages, a few years later a reserve was organized on this place.

Price Includes: All Transfers per itinerary
Available Options: Hiking, Camping, wine tasting.
Must to taste: Khinkali, kebab, khachapuri, Barbecue.

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