EasyGo - David Gareja Monastery and Sighnaghi Day Trip

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David Gareja Monastery and Sighnaghi Day Trip

Explore caves with monumental paintings in semi-desert Udabno and feast your eyes on colorful landscapes and salt lakes of picturesque region. Then discover the city of love which is located on the top of hills next to Caucasus ridge and Alazani valley.
Your driver shares stories about the region, one of the most remarkable medieval religious and cultural centers in Georgia. The complex was founded in the 6th century by St. David Garejeli. From Gareja, travel to the village Badiauri and visit locals bread bakeries and participate in baking Georgian bread. You will continue your trip to Bodbe monastery with spectacular views, a 9th century three-nave basilica, ring ball tower, and a modern church.
At the final stop of your travel day the captivating "City of love" awaits you. Signagi, a XVIII century town, is with rich history, fortifications and defense walls. Take a guided tour to explore the town’s historic center and wander amid the tiny streets as you learn about their history. Visit to highest tower and tiny streets to admire spectacular views on Alazani valley and Caucasus ridge with staggering rugged mountain peaks.
Or make the most of some free time to set your own pace, roam the streets of old town and perhaps enjoy with Georgian cuisine, wine tasting or a coffee in the sun alongside the locals (own expense). Meet other visitors to the area and indulge in local treats such as Churchkhela, dry fruits, and Tklapi.


Price Includes: All Transfers per itinerary.
Available Options: Paragliding, Hiking, Camping, wine tasting.
Must to taste: Traditional bread, Churchkhela, Tklapi and wine in general.

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Route length: 325 Km
Trip duration: 05:36 Hr
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