EasyGo - Путешествие в Грузию

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Honda Stepwgn

Тип топлива: Бензин
Количество мест: 7
Wi-Fi: да
Привет, меня зовут Арсена

Мне 35 лет.
Я говорю по-Русский, по-Английский, по-Турецкий.
Я люблю общаться с новыми знакомыми. Моя цель чтобы ваше путешествие по Грузии стало впечатлительным.
Rohan Vaman Shenavi, United Arab Emirates

Arsen is an awesome person. He was there waiting for me at the reception area on time. He greeted me and I must say he is very fluent in English. He answered all my questions about Georgia with a lot of patience. I had requested him to stop at a place where I could purchase wine he made sure he came with me to the shop and suggested me some great wines and the story doesn’t end there as soon as we reached the airport he got a trolley made sure all my luggage fitted in the trolley and checked the car to ensure nothing is left behind and then said good bye. All I can say is that  he was simply superb and very good in what he does. Keep up the good work!!!!